Get extra outdoor space!


Q. My holiday home is situated on a hillside, uneven or sloping site, can you make a veranda to suit?

A. We custom make all our verandas, and can accommodate all site variations.

Q. Do you fit verandas on all sites?

A. We can carry out work on all sites within the UK. We do require permission from the site owner or manager, and would need to contact them before we can carry out any work.

Q. Can you provide me with a drawing showing the proposed veranda size, shape and layout?

A. Yes, we are happy to provide CAD drawings, and understand these are often required to show site owners/managers where approval is required.

Q. Who completes the groundwork for the veranda?

A. We carry out all groundwork required to provide a solid base for your veranda.

Q. Do you need access inside my holiday home when fitting the veranda?

A. No. We have all the equipment we need to fit without requiring access to your holiday home.

Q. Does the veranda come with steps and a gate?

A. All Verandas are made with 2, 3 or 4 steps, according to base depth. Handrails are fitted to each side of the steps, and an entrance gate to the top.

Q. Can the entrance gate be locked?

A. Steel veranda gates are supplied with a 16mm slide bolt designed for use with a padlock. PVCu veranda gates are fitted with self closing hinges and a lockable latch.

Q. Can you fit a ramp to my veranda for wheelchair access?

A. Yes, we can fit access ramps to all our verandas as an alternative, or in addition to steps.

Q. Can extra panels and gates be added within the veranda?

A. Yes, we can add extra gates and panels to your veranda should you wish to separate sections within your veranda.

Q. Is my veranda relocatable?

A. All frame legs on all our verandas are adjustable, making them fully relocatable to other sites of suitable size and position.

Q. Can my veranda be altered or extended at a later date?

A. In most cases we can make alterations and extensions to our verandas after completion. We recommend however that you consider your requirements carefully initially, to avoid the extra costs associated with work carried out after completion.