Get extra outdoor space!

PVCu or steel caravan veranda – which one to choose?

The number of holiday homes is constantly growing and the demand for caravan decking is also on the rise. And just like with anything else we are spoilt for choice more than ever.

A caravan veranda can increase your holiday space by 50% or more, which is particularly important when you have a large family, young children or pets so it’s time to ask the main question:

Which one should I choose – steel or PVCu veranda?

First of all you need to confirm which types of caravan verandas are allowed on your site. If your caravan is positioned on unusually shaped ground or the gates need to be located in unique places a steel veranda may be your best option. We have many years of experience in custom steel veranda manufacturing and will work closely with you, listen to your needs carefully and create a veranda that will not only look great but most likely last longer than your caravan!

In terms of price steel and PVCu verandas don’t differ significantly but the price can become an important factor if you decide to opt for specific additional features. For instance, if you decide to go for glass panels, which can be installed on both types of verandas.

It is worth mentioning that, if you have nice views, steel verandas can be a better choice thanks to the thinner railing bars, therefore revealing more of your surrounding.

If you are worried about the maintenance of a steel veranda we can put your mind at rest. All our steelwork is galvanized (rust free) and although coloured powder coating is an optional extra, 99% of our customers decide to have it, since it eliminates the need to paint. This puts both PVCu and steel verandas on a par when it comes to required maintenance, which is pretty minimal.

Steel verandas can be personalised by adding patterns and twists to the railing which guarantees their unique character. PVCu verandas on the other hand have a wider range of accessories available e.g. lamps and feature post caps.

Both types of verandas can also be easily recycled so you don’t need to worry about negative environmental impact of your choice.

At SM Welding we utilise our own unique base system that can support both types of verandas and allows all types of flooring (decking) to be used.

Ultimately the choice between a steel and PVCu veranda is a matter of aesthetic preference, overall cost and the level of personalisation required.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and we will be happy to give you our best advice.